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Christophe Aribert is a 46-year-old descendant of a farmer and market gardener from Isère. His natural attachment to the region is equalled only by his love of the mountains in which he grew up, mountains that gave him the strength of his convictions and fuelled his commitment to the values he embodies each day and which inspire his cuisine: the quest for symbiosis between man and nature. To fully develop this approach, on both a personal and professional level, this two-starred alpine chef decided to open his very own establishment, Maison Aribert, in the heart of the park of Uriage-les-Bains.


Symbiosis: a state of interdependent cohabitation. The term describes an ecological relationship between two organisms that are in direct contact with each other. A relationship defined by a close and harmonious union.

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Cuisine that is instinctive and inspired

In the heart of the park of Uriage-les-Bains, against a natural backdrop at the foot of majestic mountains, chef Christophe Aribert creates cuisine that exudes style. Flavours impose themselves with great simplicity and clarity, with infinite delicacy.

His skill lies in his tactful and respectful treatment of produce, in his ability to invent dishes that gently engage the palate.

His creativity is always accompanied by great finesse and driven by a constant quest for balance and harmony. Ideally located in the département of Isère, this alpine chef gives pride of place to the local area’s wealth of produce. He brings out the quintessence of products that are emblematic of the Vercors and the Dauphiné – trout, lake fish, Trièves guinea fowl, Voreppe mushrooms, Grenoble walnuts, not to mention Chartreuse and Antésite – and sublimates these ingredients by devising dishes brimming with subtlety.

Always an exercise in precision cooking, but seemingly simple, Christophe Aribert’s gastronomic cuisine is generous, captivating and reassuring, tapping directly into our emotions and generating unbridled pleasure. Firmly rooted in these modern times, his creations place a growing emphasis on wild mountain plants, vegetables and herbs.

Convinced that we are what we eat, chef Christophe Aribert puts his all into our wellbeing, looking far beyond the pleasure we derive from his dishes.

Above all, the restaurant at Maison Aribert offers an experience that reconnects us with nature, while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.

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firmly rooted in these modern times, his creations place a growing emphasis on wild mountain plants, vegetables and herbs

The Maison Aribert experience

“Maison Aribert’s purpose is to serve highly demanding customers who often come from far afield to discover my cuisine. This always touches me immensely.”



This is why meeting and exceeding the expectations of our guests when it comes to service, comfort and their wellbeing is a constant concern for our team. To go further still, we wanted to offer an experience that is more authentic and personal, by creating a restaurant that is fully aligned with Christophe Aribert’s cuisine, one that allows you to feel a connection with the natural surroundings and the inspiration behind his work.

This desire expresses itself through our design choices, the materials used, the building’s layout and the talent on hand, to ensure that customers enjoy an experience that places them at the heart of a conversation.

offering customers an experience that places them at the heart of a conversation

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