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Located on the ground floor of Maison Aribert, Café A inhabits a vast cube bathed in light. It serves as an outlet for Chef Aribert’s more rustic gastronomic impulses, with recipes inspired by our mothers and grandmothers.

An updated village café that is authentic and modern in equal measure

Nestled between two gable walls of this historic chalet in Uriage-les-Bains, Café A is a place for people to come together.

Laid out around a generous “host table”, under a chandelier featuring 80 white opalines reminiscent of house lamps from the turn of last century, the dining room has seating capacity for 35 people. Guests are free to choose their spot on a comfortable bench, at a table or in a private area on the mezzanine. The site’s local and cultural roots have not been forgotten.

By preserving many of the features of the old chalet, the chef was keen to pay a modern tribute to the region’s proud past. One example is the imposing stripped stone wall that faces the room and which, like an open book, reveals some of the history of this old building to visitors.

Evocative of a particular lifestyle, the café is a reflection of the chef who created it.

Various objects and photos are scattered around, having been specially chosen by the master of the house.

The site’s local and cultural roots have not been forgotten.


The menu has been designed specifically for the café

Adapting to the needs and constraints of our customers by offering them options that suit them is a simple matter of common sense for Café A, which adjusts its offering to the days of the week:



A simple lunch / diner deal with dishes inspired by produce from the market and the vegetable garden, the products that happen to be in season and the ingredients we have in stock.



Brunch with varieties of sweet and salties dishes.

For the dinner single option seasonal menu.



Except on Sundays (brunch), the Café A breakfast, featuring home-made cakes, as well as local and seasonal produce.
Café A also offers a gluten-free vegan breakfast (porridge, fresh fruit juice, etc.)

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