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Estelle Binet-Bussenot 



Estelle Binet-Bussenot is from Gières, a town just a stone’s throw away from Maison Aribert. Trained in clinical psychology (victimology and criminology) and kinesiology, as well as various emotional liberation methods, her objective is to shine a light on every human aspect, so as to rehabilitate those who are experiencing suffering. She has practised in penal settings, at social care facilities and in various hospital departments.

Kinesiology is a type of therapy that aims to break down the psychological barriers that diminish our mental, social and spiritual wellbeing. Psychology, Chinese medicine and osteopathy are fundamental components of this discipline. Emotional memories can be uncovered, understood and explained through muscle tests, thus helping to overcome chronic physiological pain and mental suffering.

“I am overjoyed to be able to practise at Maison Aribert today. The project is forged from values that I believe are essential in our current times and which must be further cultivated: respect for living beings, nature and the environment in the wider sense.” Estelle Binet-Bussenot


Louisiane Vaudet


Louisiane is a native of Saint Martin d’Uriage who is very attached to her region. Driven from a young age by the desire to understand and learn about the workings of the human body, she went on to graduate from the Faculty of Etiopathy in Paris.

Etiopathy is a professional discipline geared towards analysing and treating the causes of pathologies using manual manipulation techniques and zero medication, by relying on systemic and causal observation and assessment of the human body. This method allows physical problems to be detected and the blockages or deformations that cause pain or illness to be eliminated.

“When Christophe Aribert offered me the chance to be part of his “Maison Aribert” project, which revolves around environmental preservation, breathing new life into Uriage, promoting the concept of permaculture and working with healthy products from the local area, I grasped the opportunity with both hands. Setting up in this wholesome environment to practise etiopathy – a natural, medication-free discipline based on universal know-how that is as rational and scientific as anatomy, physiology and determinism – seemed so right that I just had to go for it!”


Eva Manceau

Originally from the Vercors, since her early childhood Eva has felt a desire to focus on others through kindness and sharing, in a way that is very spontaneous and authentic. Convinced that the connection between body and mind is a powerful one, Eva helps to organize nature retreats, provides comprehensive support to elite athletes (physical, psychological, energy and spiritual) and helps individuals from all backgrounds achieve greater fulfilment, using a wide range of techniques.


Hatha Yoga

Practising yoga is about accepting the idea of unifying the body and the mind, the material and the spiritual, to achieve a new level of harmony. This postural, respiratory, mental and meditative discipline is designed to improve body consciousness, breathing, concentration and relaxation. But yoga is not just a discipline, it is a philosophy for living fully consciously, reconnecting with one’s true self and gaining awareness of one’s own reality.


Wellness massages

Whether it be oil-based massage, Thai massage, shiatsu, lymphatic drainage, reflexology or hot stone massage, Eva applies the techniques best suited to every person’s needs and adapts to all individual profiles.

To be able to offer both physical and psychological support, she makes active listening a core element of her sessions. This means listening not only to verbal information and engaging in dialogue and reformulation, but also consciously listening to the human body all the way to the fingertips, so as to adjust, refine and personalise this intuitive tactile approach.

Constantly on the lookout for new talent that can help improve the lifestyle balance and wellbeing of individuals, Christophe Aribert invited Eva to join the team at Maison Aribert to share the benefits of her unique holistic and cross-disciplinary approach.


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