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Sophie Manzella

Born in Gières, Sophie Manzella studied psychology.
With a humanist, empathetic vision, constantly listening to others since her teenage years and in search of well-being, Sophie has always had the desire to accompany and help people realize that it is essential to take care of oneself, to relax the mind by reconnecting to one’s deepest nature.
It was when she came across the path of Sensitive® Well-being Massage that her desire to accompany bodies where words fail to express themselves was born.


Sensitive Well-being Massage

An expert in Sensitive® Well-Being Massage, based on the Camilli method, Sophie Manzella aspires her clients to a free and happy life, bringing happiness, relaxation and letting go.

With an enveloping, unique and respectful touch, the masseur follows the rhythms of the massee’s breathing, plunging him or her into a sophronic state. You’ll feel an immediate mental release and deep relaxation.

In addition to the extreme relaxation provided by Massage Sensitif®’s progressive approach, listening, continuous contact and respect for the body’s schema enable the body to regain overall balance.

Massage Sensitif® helps you to perceive your body’s many sensations. With the aim of reconciling with the body, developing self-confidence, rediscovering bodily freedom and the unconscious memory of the body, Sophie adapts to all profiles and teaches the client to better understand his or her own body and reactions, and to better manage tension.

Through perfection and the beauty of the moment, it’s more than a technique, it’s an art of living…


Constantly on the lookout for new talents who can contribute to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, our practitioners are carefully selected to offer the best techniques for physical and mental well-being.

Sophie is at your disposal to offer you a unique experience through a wide range of relaxing and rejuvenating massages.

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